About Us


The Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service will strive to maintain our autonomy and cultural identity as an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service whilst delivering quality, holistic primary health care services to the Aboriginal community.


To provide leadership, direction and support on community health issues and to strengthen the capacity of individuals, families and communities to improve the health and social wellbeing of our people.


The Values of PLAHS guide our attitiudes and behaviours. They influence botht he way we work together and what clients can expect from us.

These Values are:

  • Self-determination through Aboriginal ownership and control
  • Holistic, comprehensive Primary Health Care
  • Treating staff and clients with respect, compassion, consideration, listening, understanding, equality and confidentiality.
  • Leadership, innovation and collaboration
  • Safe environment

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service as a Child Safe Environment

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service acknowledges its responsibility to uphold and promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and to respect and listen to the opinions of the children and young people who access our services.


The Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service recognises the importance of developing and implementing systems which protect children and young people from risk of harm and fostering a culture of safeguarding children and young people.


As such, the Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service commits to the following principles:


Respect: We will treat everyone equally, regardless of who they are or their age. We will ensure that everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.

Inform: We will ensure that children and young people are informed of their physical, emotional and online rights and what actions to take if they feel unsafe.

Family and community: Where it is safe to do so, we will involve families and communities in our approach to child safety and wellbeing. As a community controlled Health service with a commitment to the local Aboriginal community, PLAHS employs Aboriginal health Workers and staff to ensure a culturally safe environment.

Help: We will help children and young people to work towards their goals in life. 

Safety: We will ensure that children and young people feel safe and comfortable using the Health service. All staff at PLAHS will be supported to safely disclose risks of harm to children or young people. We will take seriously, and act immediately in relation to, any reports of child abuse.

Staff: We will ensure that all staff have been appropriately screened and trained to work positively with children and young people.

Include children in decisions: We will seek input and feedback from children and young people and empower them to participate in decisions affecting their lives or care. 

Give voice: We will help children and young people to voice their concerns and complaints about PLAHS, and we will take their input seriously.

Safe environment: We will ensure that our physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing.

Policies and procedures: We will document, regularly review and continuously improve our policies and procedures to promote and uphold child safety and wellbeing.